MARCHAND, visual artist / artistic approach

"Having originally trained in archaelogy, Daniel Marchand has worked in the visual arts since the early 90’s. From this unique perspective he has developed an original blend of ideas combining the organic and telluric with the imagery of the bestiary. Drawing on his experience in archaelogy, since the 70's, he makes use of the cryptographic readings of artefacts and found objects to create a personal iconography both on the conceptual level and his choice of materials.
Marchand uses a variety of mediums in his work from the conventional acrylic, pastel and charcoal to the more uncommon ; natural ochre, glass patina, pondered rock, bee-hives, etc….- materials that can be found at archaelogical digs are incorporated into his art in an original and logical way.
Archetypal images from prehistoric art, hieroglyphic symbols, fossils and elements from nature are combined to give a contemporary spin on themes inspired by his studies in paleontology and synthesized  in his art. "
(C.P.G., translation by G.M.)



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